ELFON LTD was established in 1975 as a manufacturer of innovative electronic products. The company designed and produced the first push button telephone set in Greece. In 1979, in an effort to adapt to the changing markets and evolving technologies, ELFON made a turn towards the aerospace industry, by taking up the manufacturing of wiring harnesses.

More recently, the company expanded its range of products by introducing a whole new activity: Clean Energy Solutions by ELFON. This activity deals with the development of turn key projects which target the market of Power Generation and, at the same time, are Environmentally Friendly.

The company provides solutions for stationary, portable, as well as mobile applications. Each solution is engineered to the customer’s needs, and combines the most suitable environmentally friendly technologies for an optimum final product.

The benefits coming out of these applications are significant environmental gains as the technologies employed produce little or no greenhouse emissions, low levels of noise, and possess high efficiency coefficients.

ELFON has focused on the technology of Fuel Cells and on the use of Hydrogen as an energy storage medium. Furthermore, it always aims at developing innovative solutions that harness Renewable Energy Sources for everyday use. One such application is the IPM series inverters that direct the power produced by solar panels and wind generators into batteries or into the grid. The IPM inverters may be used in industrial or home applications and provide a reliable tool for managing the energy produced by Renewable Energy Sources.

Clean Energy Solutions by Elfon
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