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The Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is a hybrid system controller that optimizes the flow of electrical energy within a building. It is designed to provide self sufficiency while maximizing the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources. Its selectable modes of operation allow it to adapt to most of the commonly encountered energy scenaria, thus providing optimum utilization of the energy available in accordance with the user’s needs.

Design Philosophy

The IPM has been designed with the intent to be used in remote locations and harsh environments with no need for service or attention for extended periods of time. When the need rises, service is very simple.

The IPM has been designed for maximum overall efficiency. Voltage conversions are kept to a minimum in order to minimize energy loss. Therefore, the recommended system configurations require that the batteries and the renewable energy sources have compatible voltage. (i.e. PV:BAT 400:300 V or 70:48 V). If not, a DC/DC converter is required for the batteries, at the expense of system efficiency.

The IPM is an all-in-one device that allows the different energy “suppliers” and “consumers” of the building to be connected to it, and then manages the energy flow, according to the rules that have been set by the user.

Furthermore, the IPM features,

  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Immunity to power surges
  • Capability for demanding loads (eg. motors)

User-specified Values

One of IPM’s advantages is its ability to accept

user -specified   parameter   values,  including,

  • Feed-in times
  • Feed-in amount of energy
  • Grid consumption times
  • Battery charge times
  • Load priorities (battery/local load)
  • Generator operation times


Remote Communication with the IPM is possible through Ethernet. The user can monitor and control system parameters like,

  • System Status
  • Energy production
  • Local Load on / off
  • Grid Consumption on / off
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