IPM Anwendungen

As a result of its commitment to providing environmentally friendly engineering solutions, ELFON LTD has developed a series of products targeted at collecting energy from Renewable Energy Sources and managing it so that the user gets the maximum benefit out of it. The Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is an inverter that provides the user with the capability to harvest energy from the sun and the wind, and, in turn, utilize this energy in a way that is best suited to the user's needs and his environment. The Intelligent Power Manager is a programmable device that can be employed as a UPS or a simple APU. In this case, it can be programmed to consume energy from renewable sources, from the grid, or from a genset. It can also be programmed to feed energy into the grid with or without limit. The times and the amount of energy are also programmable.

The IPM series of inverters come in two power ratings: 3 kW and 5 kW. They are designed for rugged use, both in industrial and residential applications. They have been tested throughly in harsh environments that include high altitude / low temperature, desert climate and sea side conditions. The IPM inverters have been designed for easy and safety of installation and interconnection. They also feature a user-friendly menu with options that can cover many operating scenaria. The technical characteristics of the IPM inverters are presented below:

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