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Increased access to clean and reliable energy has become a leading priority for the military arena in general, as a means of increasing the efficiency of all aspects of operations across multiple domains including base and facility operations, transport and portable soldier power.

From night-vision goggles, computers and communication devices to GPS and sensors has increased the necessity for entering lightweight, reliable and portable electrical power supply into the military market.

Elfon LTD covers a wide range of military solutions including stationary, portable and mobile applications.


Jenny 6005 - Portable fuel cell, suitable for military campaigns, powers devices such as cell phones, laptops, ensures fully automatically battery recharging.

SFC Power Manager – Portable power management device, harvests energy from all available sources (fuel cells, batteries, solar and vehicles). It’s fully interoperable and can charge several batteries.

Emily – On –
Vehicle fuel cell power system
Literally non – detectable fuel cell device, keeps batteries automatically fully charged without the help of the vehicle engine. Fuel cell Emily and SFC power manager extend runtimes of on-board batteries and supply electronic equipment with energy at the same time.

Emily 2200– Off –
Vehicle fuel cell power system
Runtime extender for all battery based systems enhances runtime of unmanned sensors and telecommunication systems. Emily 2200 recharges batteries in the field and is man portable.

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