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In cities and urban areas, small vehicles like scooters become more and more popular with the growing intensity of traffic and congestion. Though scooters are a convenient means of transportation, electric scooters are not an adequate solution due to inherent limitations in range, battery recharging time and lifetime. Taking the role of hydrogen in our future society into account, hydrogen - powered fuel cell scooters is an attractive alternative.

Elfon LTD has developed a 2kW electric scooter supported with a range extension system. A hydrogen supplied fuel cell stack can be employed to augment the energy storage. Hydrogen storage is achieved by means of metallic hydride canisters which are capable for reversibly absorbing large amounts of hydrogen.

The air-cooled scooter ensures an 80 km range on a single hydrogen canister fill-up without an immence payload of batteries, while it reaches a top speed of 45 km/h. Very pure hydrogen should be supplied to the stack for proper use.

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