The IPM has been designed for ease of installation and setup. Following careful design, system setup is straight forward.


Photovoltaics:   They are connected through two parallel sets of MC4 connectors. A bridge is provided within the IPM for isolation of the two strings. It is recommended that the installer employs a DC panel with string isolation, fuses, overvoltage protection and an on/off switch.


Battery:   Install a set of batteries in series, totaling between 220 and 300 VDC. Make sure there is no human access to the connected batteries. Use a DC switch between the batteries and the respective IPM terminal block.


Grid:  Connect a 230V, 50Hz grid line to the respective terminal block of the IPM. Use a 25 A circuit breaker.


Load:   Depending on the IPM model, total loads of 3 or 5 kW may be connected to the device. Use a 25 A circuit breaker on this line.


When setting up a new system, make the following adjustments:


- System Setup:  Adjust local date and time.

- Country Specs: Select country.

- Inst-PV Grid:

PV Power: The total power of the PV panels installed.

VMPP: The Vmpp voltage of each string (e.g. 9 panels × 31.2 Vmpp = 281V).

Grid V  F:  The local grid voltage and frequency.

- Inst -Battery:

VbNom:  The nominal voltage of the battery.

VbMin:  The minimum voltage of the battery. At this point, use of the battery stops.

VbMax:  The maximum voltage of the battery. At this point, charging of the battery stops.

Imax:   The maximum current allowed when discharging the battery.

CAP:   The total capacity of the battery, in Ah.

Vsth: The voltage threshold above which the battery may be fed into the grid.

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